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10 Steps To Choose the Perfect Custom Jewelry For Mother's Day

Lakia Taylor

I bet you’re thinking:  

“I don’t know what to get her....but I want it to be special.”

“I don’t know what to get engrave on the jewelry.”

“Will she like this jewelry?”

At least once, you have mentioned this or’re thinking this now, so we created 10 ways to help you choose what is best for your mother.

To help choose the best jewelry, answer these questions.

  1. What style of jewelry do you see her wearing the most? Simple or bold statement pieces?

  2. What type of jewelry do you see her wearing the most? Necklace, bracelet, rings, or earrings?

  3. If you’re not sure about what she likes, look at what she has on the next time you see her. If you don’t have time for that, view photos of them on Facebook or Instagram to see if you can answer these questions!

  4. Now, since you know her style, ask yourself these variations.

    1. If she wears necklaces, is the necklace long or short? Is it simple or a bold statement?

    2. If she wears bracelets, is the bracelet simple or a bold statement?

    3. If she wears earrings, is it short, long, studs, or hoops?

    4. If she wears rings, is it stack-able or rings with gemstones/diamonds.

  1. What color do you see her wearing more of? Silver or Gold? Rose Gold?

  2. Now, after answering those questions. Choose a style that you believe will be perfect. Let’s think about the variation sizes for the jewelry you chose.

    1. If she wears necklaces that lays perfectly on her chest, the standard size is 18 inches. If the necklace is worn as if it’s a choker, the size is 16 inches.

    2. If it’s a bracelet, the standard size is 7 inches. If you need any adjustments to bracelets, please inform us.

    3. As far as the rings, if you don’t know the size of the ring that your mom wears, take one of her old rings and measure the width of the ring using a ruler with millimeters. Make a note of the inside diameter (measurement from inside wall to the inside wall).

7. Here’s the fun part: CUSTOMIZATION!! YAY!! Now that you know what you want to give to your beautiful mother, it is now time for the really, really REALLY special part. Customization is what makes the jewelry so special and personal.

Here are 5 ideas to customize your mom’s jewelry:

a.  Your name

  • Imagine your mom wearing a necklace, bracelet or ring with your name on it. The jewelry will always carry a special memory with her throughout the day.

b. Her name

  • Maybe, you don’t want your name engraved, but you still want the jewelry to be personal to her. Her name is perfectly fine.

c. Children’s name

  • What’s really popular with Kia’s Jewels is people will add the mother’s children’s names to rings.

d.  Special Phrase

  • You can use use phrases such as “We Love You” or “You’re Beautiful”.

e. Birthstones

  • Birthstones are very personal! Depending on the jewelry you choose from our website, choose the her or children’s birthday month to add a birthstone.


  • Let your mother read a special note before opening the package to see her beautiful jewelry. She will be soo happy. Plus, It’s FREE so why not?!?

    • *Please let your note be no more than 3 sentences.*

9. Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

  • If you’re still stuck on what to get or what to get engraved or maybe, we don’t have what your looking for, feel free to message us here. We’ll respond within 24-48 hrs.

10. Always follow your instinct. Jewelry is such a personal gift that no matter what you choose, the gift will always be special. <3

Shop here to find the perfect gift!

3 birthstones.jpg